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Art Glass Flaming Chalices

A symbol of  Unitarian Universalists.  From UUA.org, "The chalice and the flame were brought together as a Unitarian symbol by an Austrian artist, Hans Deutsch, in 1941." 

Help Unitarians in Transylvania pay for high school education.

Glass art chalices that warm up your home.  Bright colors, great options! 

Inexpensive ornaments of fused glass.   These hang on trees, windows, mirrors.  These 2-1/2 inch by 3-1/2 inch ornaments are by far my most popular item.

Circular stained glass designs.  The 8-inch design is available in a variety of colors. 

Fused glass panels, 4x6" and 8x10", on clear glass.  Custom pieces will be made available in less than a week for $20 or $45. 

Great 16x20" stained glass panels, which can be customized to your taste. Even available with 6 color rainbow flame.

My goal is to enable all UU's to have a chalice in a place in their home, with 70% of your money supporting MLUC's Partner Church in Varfalva,  Transylvania, Romania.  I contribute my time and most of the glass.    "We are Unitarians helping Unitarians to help Unitarians." 

I am a 32 year member of the Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, Pennsylvania and a UU for 47 years.

 Typical 16" by 20" Chalice
November 24, 2012

Only a few more days left before I go on vacation.  I will be gone from Dec 1st to Dec 26th.  

Recognize your RE Teachers, your staff, your new members, your Youth group with the UU Symbol in glass art.  

Gifts have been for all reasons.  

The smallest 2-1/2 by 3-1/2" ornaments are wonderful for recognition of RE Teachers, New members, achievement levels in the RE programs.   Colors that you decide.

The 4"x6" and 8"x10" are colorful, and wonderful to thank committee chairs, board members, retiring staff and presidents. 

The 8" circular stained glass designs have been a real favorite for similar gifts. You pick your color.

The larger 16"x20" are perfect, very special gifts, and have been presented to incoming and leaving ministers, very special members, interim ministers, and even to yourself.

2006, thru 2012 orders have been for:
Teacher recognition
Membership aniversaries
Departing ministers
Arriving ministers
Departing members
Committee Chairpersons
Board Members
Recognition of major contributors
Fund Raising
"Neighboring Faiths" Gifts
Gifts for Mom
And Just for Me

How about an Oak Framed large chalice?

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